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Love Wins

Hate. What is hate? It's an absence of love. That's it. What causes hate? Fear. That's it. We fear the unknown, the different, the unusual and not because they are unknown, or different, or unusual but because somewhere deep down we have this fear that whatever it is will harm us. You see we really aren't concerned about it, we are concerned about what it will do to us. Sometimes we do get harmed, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What is our answer to it...hate it even more. Its a perpetual wheel of hate. Do you see the pattern?

I get so upset when I hear people say we live in a terrible world these days. Do terrible things happen? Yes, yes they do. Terrible things have been happening since the beginning of time. I guarantee you have heard your parents generation and their parents generation and their parents generation make the same comment, we live in a terrible world. Is that the legacy we want our children to remember? Their elders telling them they live in a terrible world?

People do despicable things to people out of hate. What is our answer? Hate. Let's hate them some more. Let's hurt them! That's the answer right? No. It's not the answer. Because when do those things guess what...hate wins... and when hate wins well then the bad thing just won. That is all hate wants. It wants to win. No concerns for you and no concerns for your loved ones.

We don't live in a terrible world. We live in a world where at times bad things happen but we also live in a world where the sun shines on glistening snowcapped mountains, where mama birds teach their babies to fly, where a 23 year old girl is building schools and homes for orphans in Nepal, her name is Maggie her, where men and women work around the clock keeping our loved ones alive, where couples adopt children who have no homes, where people work effortlessly to protect animals, and where people volunteer their time to rock babies to sleep in NICU's.

You see the world is not so terrible. The world is beautiful and kind when there is love. Isn't that the legacy we want to leave our children? A beautiful kind world filled with love? There is no room for hate when we speak of love regularly. When we praise the good of the world instead of constantly feeding the hate of the world with its hateful stories the light begins to become brighter, smiles cross peoples faces, and love grows. That's the world I choose to live in. #lovewins


A Healthy and Happy You

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