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The beginning of becoming a Yoga Teacher 🧘🏼‍♀️

When I began as a student at Honor Yoga Studios I knew one day I would take their teacher training program to become a yoga teacher. Through the years each time a new training would come along I would be approached and asked, "Are you ready yet?" and my answer would be, "Not yet, but I am going to be one day." With a happy heart I can say, that time has come.

This weekend I started a six month journey with the Honor Yoga Princeton Studio as a student in their 200-Hour Teacher Training program under the lead of who I call my yoga guru, Cathy Madeo. As we sat in our circle before we began our very first class Cathy hugged me and said "This has been a long time coming." In that instant I welled up with tears with so much love and gratitude for her words because I couldn't have agreed more and I know she knows just how much this journey means to me.

Years ago my intention to take this journey would have been to explore myself, my yoga practice, and my spirituality. But now, oh man now this journey has so much more meaning.

Over the past few years I have worked SO MUCH on self exploration, my yoga practice, and spirituality with amazing teachers and life coaches. It wasn't until we sat in meditation and then shared our intentions for this training did I realize what an impact these past few years have been and just how vitally important it is for me to be on this journey RIGHT NOW! Any doubt of timing was released in that moment.

What I wrote in my journal after my meditation was this, "I, my soul, was created as a light worker. In my past lives I have been a light worker in many forms. In this vessel I have been called to be a teacher-the light worker of knowledge." My intention came to me as this "Consume the knowledge you need to know so you can spread the knowledge." It wasn't until then that I realized this journey isn't just about me and in that instant I understood just why I was sitting on my mat, in that yoga studio, ready to consume the knowledge. Although this all may seem pretty simple let me reassure you it is not. I can not wait to share with you what is to come. Until then....Namaste 🙏🏻✨

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