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This is a PSA announcement from the Kohut Kindergarten Cove: This is a NO NOSE PICKING ZONE!

Me: You are back!

K student: Yeah, my mom took me to the doctors.

Me: She did? Are you sick?

K student: Yeah.

Me: What did the doctor say?

K student: I have lergies.

Me: (trying not to laugh) Do mean allergies?

K student: I don’t know what the word is but that’s it.

Me: Well I’m glad you are okay and you are back because we really missed you.

Sadly for many of my other little people they have had more than “lergies”. Cold and Flu season is upon us and because I have had five students absent this past week I decided my germ lesson needed to happen now!

We are a NO NOSE PICKING ZONE! We also cough and sneeze into our elbow, use tissues when we have boogies and then wash our hands WITH soap and water.

Parents I can’t stress enough how important preventative measures are for good health for your little people after spending the day in a classroom, or really any public area with lots of people.

Here are some ways to help prevent your child from becoming sick:

1-Have them wash their hands immediately upon returning home from school

2-Bathe them every night if possible especially during cold and flu season. Otherwise all of those little germs will find their way snug as a bug in a rug in their beds.

3-A good night sleep can help fight off colds and other infections. 3 to 5 year old need as much as 10-13 hours of sleep and 6 to 13 year olds need 9-11 hours of sleep.

4-A well balanced healthy diet is a MUST! I understand the convenience of those packaged foods especially snacks but be sure to incorporate fruits and veggies in your child’s diet EVERY day. The vitamins and nutrients will help them fight off colds and infections.

5-Keep sugar to a minimum because consuming sugar can decrease your immune system.

6-Keep your little person home until they are 24 hours free from throwing up, had diarrhea, or had a fever because their little immune systems are still fighting and are compromised and succeptibale of catching other germs.

Lastly if your little person is sick please keep them home so they can fight and heal whatever is going on in their little bodies and so they do not spread their germs. You never know who your little person may come into contact with who has an auto immune disorder and they could affect their health, including their teacher.

~Mrs. Kohut

A Healthy and Happy You

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