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I move my body because it makes me feel good…

Hi Friend,

I used to move my body because I felt like I had to. Now I move my body because it makes me feel good. Years ago I would “workout” sometimes twice a day. I had no idea the harm I was doing. Not only was I pushing my body to hard and not honoring my body, I was pushing and not honoring my mind as well. I wasn’t moving my body to make it feel good. I was moving it solely to make it look good. I’m not saying that an intention to moving your body should not be about looking good, we all like to look our best. But the thing was no matter how many workouts I did, no matter how lean my muscles were, no matter how tight my ass became I never thought I looked good. Then one day after a “workout” I noticed how I felt. I felt accomplished. I felt energetic. I felt spacious. I just felt fucking good. That moment I changed my perspective of “working out” to “movement”. Since that day I’ve been on a journey of honoring my body and moving my body for that feel good feeling! I also don’t worry as much about how tight my ass is, just if it feels good.

Until next time,


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