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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Hi friend,

Are you getting enough sleep?

I know some nights are more difficult than others to catch some zzz’s but having a nighttime routine and getting enough sleep is not only important for your physical self but it’s also important for your emotional and mental health.

Here are some reasons to get enough sleep:

•You become sick less often because you are restoring your immune system while you sleep.

•You maintain a healthy weight because sleep balances your hunger cues.

•You lower your risk for serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease because sleep decreases inflammation and regulates your blood sugar.

•Sleep reduces stress and improves your mood because your body and mind have time to relax during sleep.

•Sleep helps you to think more clearly and to concentrate therefore you are more productive in school or at work.

•Sleeps helps you get along better with people because when you get enough sleep you are able to control your emotions and not lash out at people.

So how do you get enough sleep? Having a nighttime routine and going to bed at the same time every night, even on the weekends, is one way to ensure you get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep every night should be part of your daily self-care practice because sleep will help you on your journey to a healthy and happy you!

Until next time.


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