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Do you have a morning routine or ritual? Mine is coffee ☕️ and a journal 📝 and depending on the season I’m in depends on what I write in my journal. Right now this is how I journal:

1- I free write a few pages of whatever is on my mind first thing in the morning. Which usually includes why won’t these dogs stop barking? LOL

2- I write a Gratitude List of 5 things I’m grateful for that have happened over the last 24-48 hours. This is helping me find gratitude in the moment and the season I am in.

3- I write 5 Affirmations as reminders of the person I want to be today.

4- I write a Manifestation List of 5 things I vision for my life in the future and I write them as if they already happened.

5-I write a to do list. So this is two fold, first as you get older you forget shit (anyone over the age of 40 can I get a YEP!) so I write the things I really need to get done for the day so I don’t forget because if you don’t know me I get easily side tracked by sparkly things and then I add a few I would like to do. Second as my day goes on I cross off my list, and this is a great mind trick to making you realize just how productive you are in your day and you feel more accomplished or a great realization you need to get your ass off the couch and then off Netflix.

So what’s your morning routine or ritual?

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