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Meditation Creates Space For Our Emotions

Emotions can wreak havoc while spreading pain throughout our lives. This is where meditation comes in. Contrary to what some people believe, meditation does not make us emotionless. It does not convert all emotions into rainbows and butterflies. When we practice mindfulness meditation for example if we feel jealous or left out we feel it along everything that comes with it: the pain, the guilt, the whole enchilada. Over time though what happens is that we create a little space around that emotion. We can see it for what it is. Then those times we are not in meditation we can witness and see the emotion happening in real time, acknowledge it, and respond to it rather than react.

During meditation our thoughts and feelings combine. Thoughts will come in rather rapid and gain momentum. As we meditate we notice what emotion the thought causes and how that emotion feels. We do not judge the thought or feeling, or try to change it. We observe it, sit with it, and just let it be.

It’s in meditation we realize that emotions are not permanent, they ebb and flow like waves. As we deepen our mediation practice we see complex layers. We realize that jealousy may appear completely negative and undesirable but also we can discover jealousy can be fuel for inspiration and emulation.

We can take away the aggressiveness and damaging part of the emotion and see something powerful and beneficial can remain. We see the possibility of riding the wave emotion without harming others or ourselves. #ahealthynhappyu #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness #meditation #emotions #mentalhealth #emotionalselfcare


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