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Moving Your Body Can Change Your Mindset

Moving your body helps release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body and can produce a feeling of euphoria. So if you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed get up and move your body! Just moving your body for only ten minutes can calm your monkey brain and literally change your mindset.

Here are ways to move your body:

•Take a walk or even better take a walk with a friend.

•Put on music and dance around the house like a freak even if someone watching! If they are ask them to join you.

•Jump on a trampoline, seriously buy a small trampoline for your home. The health benefits are amazing!

•Workout! All the fitness gurus have workouts, even short ten minute workouts, on YouTube so search for one and get your sweat on.

•Yoga is the perfect tool to release emotional tension in the body. Emotions become stored and held in the body and over time can create physical tightness, tension, and sometimes pain. So roll out you may and flow.

So if you’re feeling stuck, feeling sad, feeling overwhelmed, feeling pissed, feeling anxious then move your body and release those endorphins! #ahealthynhappyu #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness #emotions #movement #endorphins

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