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Self-Care Does Not = Selfish

Self-care is how you take your power back!

I've said it before and I will say it again..."You can NOT serve others if you do NOT serve your self as well!" By no means does this mean you become a "selfish person" and do not take care of your responsibilities to your family, your friends, or your work. What this means is that you need to learn to become "meish" and take care of your responsibilities to your self as much as you do for others. If you do not take the time to take care of yourself on a daily basis eventually you will deplete your vessel of all of your energy and then what will you have left to give?....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Let's talk about what happens to ourselves when we deplete our vessel of energy. We become angry, jealous, tired, emotional, and worst of all we literally make ourselves sick. Is that how you want to live? I know I don't. Self-care every day is not selfish it is survival. It is how you take your power back. Think of self-care as recharging your battery. Every time you give your energy to someone else other than yourself you lose part of your charge. When you self-care you recharge that power. Recharging your power doesn't have to take hours or all day, sometimes you can recharge in a matter of minutes. I personally suggest finding one hour a day to be "meish" and recharge your battery but if that time frame does not work for you by all means find some time during the day that you can plug yourself back in and recharge yourself.

Lets talk about what happens to ourselves when we fill our vessel with energy. We become joyful, empathetic, energized, less emotional, and we keep ourselves healthy. Is that how you want to live? I know I do! Lets be realistic here, we all want to be happy people enjoying our lives to the fullest. In order to do that you HAVE to do things that make YOU happy.

Trust me I know where your thoughts are going..."But if I take one hour for myself to be "meish" people will think I am being selfish." Lets shut this way of thinking down shall we? First: WHO CARES WHAT OTHER PEOLE THINK????????? If someone is upset with you that you took a bubble bath or sat down to read a book that's their problem, not yours. Most likely they are just upset because they didn't take the time to take a bubble bath or read a book themselves and are deflecting their anger with themselves on you. You are entitled to enjoy your life and take time for yourself EVERY DAMN DAY. Second: If you have or are in the process of taking care of all your daily responsibilities then you DESERVE some "meish" time. Third: The only person stopping you from being "meish" is you. Stop listening to those voices in your head.."But I have laundry to fold", "But I need to load the dishwasher", "But I need to run to the food store". "But so and so will get mad if I don't do x,y, & z". All those things will still be there waiting for you after your "meish" time. And as I tell my kindergartners the only person who is the boss of you is you. Don't let other people including yourself bully you into not enjoying your life.

Here are some ways to self-care...

1-Take a bubble bath (add some lavender oil...ahhhh)

2-Try a guided meditation (add the apps Calm and Headspace to your phone)

3-Take a walk (this is a win/win because now you are including exercise)

4-Go to the gym (working out releases endorphins and endorphins trigger positive feelings)

5-Write a list of affirmations (I am healthy. I am a Goddess. I am a Kick Ass get the idea)

6-Grab a cup of coffee or tea and read a book (you can always set a timer if you afraid you will lose track of time because you got lost in the pages)

7-Take a nap (listen to your body, if it is telling you it needs rest then rest)

8-Go outside (research has shown nature has a calming affect on people and can alleviate depression and anxiety)

9-Get creative (draw, paint, play an instrument, dance, sing, write, take pictures....whatever gets your creative juices going)

10-Journal (write it out...whatever you are feeling put your thoughts to will help you clear your head...focus your thoughts...and align your emotions...if you are afraid someone will read it and you don't want it to be seen then make a ritual afterwards and shred it or burn it)

I hope this blog serves you well and after reading it you make a pinky promise to yourself to become "meish" and find the time to recharge your battery every day.


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