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Word of Intention for 2023: Consistency

I’m not big on the word resolution but I am big on words of intention and this year my word is consistency.

I don’t know about you but since March of 2020 I’ve adapted this mentality of not pushing myself and being for lack of a better word, lazy.

I know I need to give myself grace because I mean for cripe sake the last three years have not been easy, for any of us, and I’ve also dealt with a lot of life changes.

One of those changes is going from being surrounded by people; mainly friends, colleagues, and little people all day to being home holding conversations with only my grandsons who are just learning to talk LOL I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world but I realized holding conversations with friends and colleagues on a daily basis held keep me consistent in my life. We would bounce ideas off one another, share recipes, hold conversation on anything from our emotions to spiritually. That social interaction helped me stay consistent with my self-care practice.

I was really missing that interaction and community and then I realized I HAVE that with you, my A Healthy and Happy You community!

I am looking forward to sharing and connecting with you all over the next year.

Until then,


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