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Change is Inevitable

Most people don’t want to let go becuse they are afraid of change. Change is inevitable. You can’t change the inevitability, but you can change you’re approach to change.

Whenever I notice my ego taking over leading me with fear of letting go of something because letting go would mean something different would change I look to nature for support and guidance.

This tree a few weeks ago was bare. There was no life extending from each branch. Yet multiple times this past winter the bare branches were covered in glistening snow and they looked magical. I would stare and admire the snow covered branches as they sparkled.

The snow would melt and then they would be bare again, leaving me with just a branch. Last week little green nubs began to appear and each day they would grow a little more. Each morning I found myself grabbing my coffee and heading out the door to check the progress of the nubs.

Today the nubs have blossomed into a pallet of pastel pink and as I admired each petal of each of bloom I felt this overwhelming feeling as if the tree was filling my heart with all it’s beauty and color.

I know soon those pastel pink petals will drop and will make way for luxurious green leaves that will provide shade for the summer to only turn a golden color in a few months to be whisked off the branches from the wind during fall. Then I will be left with a bare branch again. See that’s the beauty of change, it ebbs and flows. It leaves your heart filled with wonderment only to lead it to feel bare again. But if we don’t experience change, if we don’t become bare, then we don’t make room for something new and exciting or beautiful and inspiring or helpful and useful. So the next time you’re afraid of change don’t be afraid of what you’re losing be afraid of what you might be missing out on. 💕✨~Chrissy Kohut #ahealthynhappyu

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