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Healthy Habits

We should be creating healthy habits when life is good instead of waiting until the shit hits the fan when life is bad. That way we can lean into our healthy habits to get us through the bad times. Think of your habits as the foundation to your house (the house is you...that’s called a metaphor 😉) Your house is your sanctuary, your protection, where you rest, and it’s where you store things. Your habits create the strong foundation for your house. So when the storm starts brewing and the wind starts howling and the rain starts pounding if you have good habits and a strong foundation you’re not going to get torn down and swept. Rather you can hunker down (yeah I said hunker) and weather the storm leaning into those healthy habits. I get it friends, creating healthy habits is hard. It means change and change can be scary. But you know what’s scarier? Being torn down and swept away. #ahealthynhappyu #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness #habits

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