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Here’s to Healthy and Happy Intentions for 2020!

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something

Ick....I don't know about you but that feels like a lot of pressure.

Intention: a thing intended; an aim or plan

Ahh...I think that sounds better, a little more gentler, a little more attainable.

Words are wands people. What you say you put out into the universe. When you say something energy flows with those words. Both words mean almost the same thing but when I say one over the other I feel a different way inside my mind, my body, and my heart.

When I say resolution I feel as if it has a definitive line. It is all or nothing. If I fall off for a day then I failed and I won't attain my resolution.

When I say intention I feel like I have a goal or plan. I have something to work towards and I can be more gentle with myself if I fall off one day knowing I can jump right back in the next.

Lets be honest we all have this idea at the beginning of the year we are going to attack something, a resolution, with all that we have desperately wanting to achieve it whether it be: weight loss, fitness, relationships, jobs, etc. We jump in full force, feet first, January 1st, and by week three we fizzle out. This is because we didn't go in with a plan, we just dive in. I look at everything like training for a marathon. You don't just wake up and start running miles upon miles day one. You have to build up to to the marathon otherwise you get hurt or just give up.

So set an intention. Here's a secret you can set an intention any time of the year, it doesn't have to be January 1st! Start off small. For example you want to start eating healthier do not raid your fridge and cabinets and throw everything out. Instead start with one meal a day you want to improve. Maybe you decide instead of those donuts and bagels you will start eating an egg white omelet with veggies or oatmeal with fruit. Do that for a week or two then begin changing your lunch options from hoagies or pizza to something like a big hearty salad filled with nutrition. Side bar here, a bowl of lettuce with dressing on it is not nutritious, you need to build you salad up with nutritious things in it to get the health benefits. Eventually you begin to change your dinner options and before you know it through out the day you are making better food choices and eating healthier. See how easy that is and not as stressful??

When you slowly make changes you are more likely to stick to those changes. And if you fall off one day or indulge in something do not, I repeat, DO NOT, get upset with yourself. There is no rule you can't enjoy food, you just need to do it moderately. Enjoy whatever that food is you want to indulge in for that day and then the next day go back to your healthier choices. Be gentle with yourself!

Here's to healthy and happy intentions for 2020! #ahealthynhappyu

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