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Journaling Is A Tool For You To Release Some Deep Shit!

I have a ritual of journaling every day and depending on the season I am in depends on how I journal. But what I’ve noticed consistently is when I free write journal I learn things about myself more so than I do from any other practice. Free writing is hard for many, it was hard for me at first. Most people get caught up with what they should write, as if there are rules. That was my biggest hang up. Here’s the thing friends there really are no rules to journaling especially free writing. But there is a trick! The more you write the more you start to peel back the layers and before you know it you’re writing about something you had now idea you were either holding feelings about, fears that are holding you back, or sometimes someone just pissed you off and you need to release your anger in a safe space. You don’t need a fancy journal, a dollar store notebook works as a journal. Or notes on your phone work too and if you don’t like to write than use then microphone on your text screen and dictate your journaling. Journaling is a way to release your thoughts and emotions and one the worst things you can do for yourself physically and emotionally is hold in those thoughts and emotions in. So put your thoughts and emotions to paper and write them out and if you want to get witchy with me..burn that bitch and release those thoughts and emotions to the universe...good and bad ✨✨✨

Reasons to journal:

•Track progress and growth

•Reduce stress and anxiety

•Find inspiration

•Release and let go

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