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Protect Your Peace ✌🏻💕✨

Protect Your Peace ✌🏻💕✨ This has become my summer mantra. In my Self-care with your Selfie program I encourage my ladies to find time every day where they focus on themselves. Allowing themselves to do the things that being them joy. It’s not selfish to self-care, it’s very necessary. Selfish people never take care of anyone but themselves. People who self-care take care of the their responsibilities AND themselves. Actually people who self-care have the tendency to do even more for the people they love because they have stopped and have taken the time to protect their peace and fill their cup with joy. When your cup is full there’s more to share. But when you are not filling your cup up there’s little to go around for everyone, including yourself. So I encourage you to take a few moments every day to find something that protects your peace and fills your cup with joy. 💕✨ #ahealthynhappyu

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