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Self-care is a daily practice that can help you learn to self regulate challenging emotions.

Have you ever found yourself with your hand in every box or bag in the snack closet binge eating? Or maybe you find yourself retrieving Amazon boxes at your front door wondering what the hell you bought because one day you numbed yourself out scrolling websites purchasing unnecessary items? Or maybe you latched onto another unhealthy relationship trying to fill that void of feeling incomplete? As humans we do these things for the sole purpose of avoidance of uncomfortable feelings and emotions. When you practice self-care you learn to sit with your feelings and emotions, not suppress them. The truth is the only way to heal what is going on is to acknowledge what it is, accept it for what it is, and feel all the feels. That is how you get to the other side. Otherwise your life will be a continuous spinning wheel on repeat. You can’t go over your problems. You can’t go under them. You have to bust through them. #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness #spiritjunkie #yogi #motivationalposts #ahealthynhappyu

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