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Self-care is saying no to things that over extend you or no longer serve you.

No. It’s one of the smallest words and it can be one of the most powerful. Yet it’s one of the hardest words for us to say. How many times have you said yes to going places or doing something that you really just didn’t want to? And if you ask yourself why you did it I guarantee your answer will be because you didn’t want to upset someone. Yet there you were upset doing that thing. Let me explain something to you. When someone asks you to do something that’s an expectation of what they want you to do. Other people’s expectations are none of your business. And if you say no and they get upset, well that’s their shit not yours. At that moment it all becomes about them and how it affects them: What will people think? How can you do this to me? But I want you there! If someone loves and cares for you they will understand that your NO means you are doing what’s best for you. There’s no expectation just unconditional understanding. When you self-care you learn to let NO roll off your tongue with ease with little to no guilt. #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness #spiritjunkie #yogi #practicalmagic #ahealthynhappyu

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