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Self-care is taking care of all of your responsibilities including YOU!

We are always ready and willing to help others with their needs and wants that we rarely take time for our own needs and wants. Be mindful that when we don’t take care of ourselves eventually we find ourselves in a state that we are of no use to anyone. Be intentional every day and schedule in time for YOU; whether it be a workout, a long relaxing soak in a epsom salt bath, a walk around the neighborhood, or sitting with a cup of coffee or tea curled up with a book. Even finding just as little as fifteen minutes a day for yourself will change your mood and your mindset. Go ahead be meish today. After all self-care isn’t selfish it is necessary. #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness #spiritjunkie #practicalmagic #whataboutme #meish #ahealthynhappyu

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