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Today...Begin Again.

My kindergarten teacher life has had me off of my mat and my practices for a few weeks. Although I would try to incorporate yoga and mindfulness daily as little as it was the more I was stepping away from my practices the more I was feeling my spiritual alignment slip away. Years ago I would have beat myself up mentally for allowing myself to “fall off the mat” but through my practices and the tools I have gained over the last few years, especially through my Practical Magic training, I have learned to no longer beat myself up for what is part of my journey of life. Instead I have learned to recognize what is, accept it, and readjust it appropriately to what isn’t serving me to what serves me now.

What wasn’t serving me the past few weeks was my lack of my asana practice on my mat. My mat is truly where I have learned to let shit go. For me when I step away from a practice eventually it leads into stepping away from another practice and into another and into another. This week I recognized I was beginning the pattern of stepping away from my core practices and I was feeling the affects.

So this morning I dove into my toolbox and reminded myself as a yogi we wake up each day brand new. What happened yesterday is gone, what will be tomorrow is unknown, but today...the now...the present...that is where my focus should be and I did exactly what I know would serve me best today. I grabbed my mat and headed to the studio.

We can’t beat ourselves up for what happened yesterday, and we can’t worry about what will happen tomorrow. What we can do is concentrate on today, on

the moment we are in. Do what serves you well at this moment and let go of the rest and you will find yourself back on your path of begin again. #ahealthynhappyu #spiritjunkie #practicalmagic #yogi

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