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When was the last time you sat down and took a moment for yourself?

When was the last time you sat down and took a moment for yourself? Like really, by yourself, just for you?

Finding time for ourselves is hard, especially all of us parents of humans babies and fur babies. But if you don’t take a least a little time out of your day for you this is what happens:

•you become fatigued

•you become resentful

•you become ill

•you become a cranky ass

Usually that last one comes first and you can prevent the first three if you are self aware of it.

So if you find yourself snapping at your kids or barking because your dog barked grab yourself a cup of coffee and find a quite spot by yourself to take a few deep breaths, regroup, and calm that nervous system down. I won’t judge you if that moment means you locked yourself in the bathroom, I’ve been there... #momlife.

You deserve at least fifteen minutes, and if you can’t give yourself that give yourself at least five minutes, of your own time.

Your day, and everyone else’s day, will be much better if you’re not a cranky ass. 😉💕✨ #ahealthynhappyu #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness #mentalhealth #takecareofyourself #yoga

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