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Self-care initiates self-awareness.

When you self-care you begin to explore yourself. Through your self-care practice and self-exploration you will learn what brings you joy and what does not. This can spark positive changes in your life such as your relationships or your career. Self-care initiates self-awareness. You will become very aware of the people, places, and things you need to let go of because they hold you back from living a healthy and happy lifestyle. One way to become self-aware is to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Often our bodies will speak to us way before we logically and consciously become aware of something that is not serving us. Scan your body and notice where you are holding tension. Usually our upper torso we hold emotions geared more to finances and work so if your shoulders are tight you probably are stressed from work. In our lower torso we hold our emotions geared more to family and friends so if your belly is upset or your hips hurt most likely you are upset with a friend or a loved one. We can also use our bodies to help make decisions when we aren’t quite sure what to do. For example your friends ask you to meet them for dinner but you’re really tired from a long week and your couch and Netflix sound a lot better to you. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and picture yourself with your friends. If you body leans forward then your body is telling you to go meet your friends. If your body leans back then your body is telling you to grab your remote and get comfy on the couch. #selfcare #selflove #mindfullness #yogi #practicalmagic #spiritjunkie #selfawareness #selfstudy #ahealthynhappyu

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