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Self-care teaches you to be compassionate with yourself.

When you practice self-care you become compassionate with yourself. You learn to give yourself grace when you fall and how to pick yourself back up with dignity. Also when you’re compassionate with yourself you become more compassionate with others. When you understand your struggles and fears you can then see them in others which will make you much more empathetic towards others. You might even find yourself lending a hand more often. One way to practice self-care to become more compassionate with yourself is to look yourself in the mirror for one minute and repeat over and over “I love you”. It sounds simple and easy right? But trust me it’s a lot more difficult than you think. You see most of us have a hard time loving ourselves, usually because at some point in our lives something occurred to make ourselves believe we are not worthy of being loved...we are flawed. When we believe to be flawed it’s because we have a preconceived notion we are suppose to be “perfect”...the perfect friend, the perfect wife, the perfect mother. News flash...nobody is perfect! When you practice self-care you learn to love yourself and have a knowing that every day you have put your best foot forward and no matter what the outcome is you know that it was perfectly imperfect and that is perfectly okay. #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness #compassion #spiritjunkie #yogi #practicalmagic #ahealthynhappyu

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