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Starting Your Day Right: Mind, Body, and Soul

How do you start your day? Do you jump out of bed running around like a crazy person from the get go? I bet you didn’t realize by doing this you are setting your stress level for the entire day on high and you’re not doing your mind, your body, or your soul any good.

Let me introduce you to a morning ritual, and if that word doesn’t resonate with you call it a routine.

Just by getting up 15 minutes earlier you can change your mindset and change your entire day.

My morning ritual is a cup of coffee and if weather permitted I sit in nature. If the weather doesn’t permit being outside I sit somewhere in my house where I can look outside at nature. I look for things that bring me joy and some days I even take photographs of the things that bring me joy. Then I journal a gratitude list, an affirmation list, and a manifestation list. Lastly I write out my to do list for the day.

I do this all in 15 minutes and I begin my day with a calm nervous system, gratitude in my heart, and a feeling of peace and calm. When you start your day like this you start the day with a positive mindset. You’ve reminded yourself that you are important and you deserve 15 minutes of your own time. You have told your body that you will take care of it by keeping your stress level low so you don’t start the day off with digestive issues or shoot your blood pressure up. And you have reminded your soul of how grateful you are to have opened your eyes to a promising new day.

Your ritual doesn’t have to be like mine. Maybe you grab a cup of tea and read a chapter in a book. Maybe you sit in a mediation. Maybe you take a leisurely walk around your neighborhood listening to a podcast.

It doesn’t matter what your ritual is as long as you are making time for yourself (are you listening moms and dads?) and you are doing something that is going to create peaceful and calm mindset for your mind, body, and soul! #ahealthynhappyu

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