The Process of Letting Go

When you let go of whatever you are struggling in and accept what is going on in the moment, for all that it is, right now, and then decide how to compassionately work through whatever that moment is then you have learned one of the important steps in the process of letting go. But letting go doesn’t mean that thing isn’t going to keep creeping up on you. It will show its face time and time again. It will try to bring you down. This is when you return to love instead of fear. This is when YOU decide with love for what’s of the highest good for you and everyone else around you. Or YOU can decide to let your ego take over and make decisions out of fear which usually are not for your highest good for you and everyone else around you. So if you are struggling with something find the love in the situation and lead with compassion from that place. #love #compassion #letitgo #selfcare #selflove #mindfulness #yoga #spiritjunkie #practicalmagic #acim #ahealthynhappyu

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